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RBI/FEMA Compliances


Any company, which has foreign direct investment as equity share capital or has borrowed funds through external commercial borrowings; RBI and FEMA compliance are mandatory to complete.

➤ Compliance with Foreign Direct Investment regulations and getting regulatory approvals from RBI

➤ Compliance with Reserve Bank of India for purchase/sale of shares, debentures & securities and directly to and from Residents in India and outside India and transfer of shares from Indian resident to non-residents.

➤ Setting up Joint Venture (JV)/ Partnership by NRI'S or persons of Indian origin.

➤ Issue of Statutory Certificates under FEMA & RBI regulation.

➤ Other Advisory Services on FEMA / RBI etc.

➤ Compliance related to transfer of shares between Indian resident/citizen and non-resident Indian and filing of necessary reporting with RBI.

➤ Consultancy, compliance with RBI in matter pertaining to External Commercial Borrowing (ECB)

➤ Incorporation of Wholly Owned Subsidiary in India

➤ Setting up of a Branch office and related compliances

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